15 November 2011

The Best Damn Thing

"I found my hope, I find my dream.
My cinderella story scene.
Now everybody gonna see."

14 November 2011


I'm back ! here is my promise looks. I took my picture in a restaurant called Playground in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. It's a quite nice place to chillax and the really look like a playground. There's this several seats that look like playground's wheel and its really move. so you prank your friends while they eating by moving the seats.lols. I Went there with my sister <3 love her so much and she's also the one who took my pics :D. sorry guys for the grammer mistakes. English is my 2nd language.

today's outfit : H&M blouse, Forever21 Tanktop, Zara Jeans, TopShop Wedges, TopShop Jeweleries

07 November 2011


Hey! I'm new in blogging. Something really new to me. usually i used to just read blogs but hey why not make my own ? yeahh ! and i make it now. My sisters, cousin and friends told me to make it too. LOLs. sooo. its going to be a fashion blog because i love fashion. yeah! its a fashion blog everyone(towhoeverreadingthisifthereis) I'm still 15 going to 16 and student and a fashionista which soon to be blogger. I'm fat and short but proud. I LOVE to take pictures and I'm a narcissistic as well:$. I dress up in my own way and i don't keep up with trends. I just wore what i like and comfortable. People say I'm edgy but I don't really see it because I like to mix things up. Sometimes I can be a super Tomboy and sometime a super Feminine and sometimes both. I'm From Indonesia more specific an Indo-Chinese or so called Indonesian born Chinese. I live in Jakarta and soon when I graduate, I will go to London to study Fashion Design which is my dream. Sooo, whoeverreadthis I'll post soon and reveal my fashionistaaaa ~